If you…

Are expanding into feelings and thoughts that are not shared by the people in your life but you just really want to explore it with someone, then TAWKTUMI might be for you.



Meaningful conversations are like the oxygen of our social lives; they sustain us, invigorate us, and provide us with the vitality to thrive. When we engage in these deep, genuine exchanges, we tap into a myriad of benefits that enrich our well-being on multiple levels.



An empathic, non-judgmental space held by former hippie-kid-turned-Grandmother Crone, Kat Miller. INFJ nerd into a diversity of interesting things from fairies to physics.


About whatever is on your mind

What have you been rolling around in your thoughts lately regarding your hopes, dreams, worries or concerns?
What excites your curiosity? What do you wonder about?



* Personal
* Developmental
* Psychological
* Esoteric
* Educational
* Spiritual


In our Deep category, you can dive into more meaningful and thought-provoking conversations. Explore complex topics, and engage in discussions that challenge and inspire. If you enjoy exploring deeper aspects of life, society, and the world around us, the Deep category is where you’ll find stimulating conversations.45-min. | $100.


The Intuitive category goes just beyond conversation - it offers insight and advice on the topics discussed. Whether you’re seeking guidance, looking for a fresh perspective, or simply want intuitive advice on a particular subject, our Intuitive option provides thoughtful and helpful insights to support you in your journey.45-min. | $125.


The Spiritual option is for those on their spiritual journey. Whether at the beginning, somewhere in the middle, or deeply enmeshed. I have found that, along every stage of spiritual development (so far), it can be rough and therefore, helpful to have someone who can relate to the tests and trials and wonder, along the way.45-min. | $100.


Thank you

I look forward to connecting with you.